Small Unmanned Aircraft: Theory and Practice

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User Postal comments:

So far, I went trough your book till the end of Chapter 4; and I would like to point out your detailed, easy-understandable way of narration; examples\tasks after each chapter - for me it's just amazing book! Thank you! I would also like to share with you my suggestions and comments, but some of them might be predeterminedly wrong due to my lack of knowledge in topic (I'm still a student). ;) A I am also feeling not enough experience in Matlab\Simulink, maybe some of the below problems consequence of that. So…

Chapter 2

  • Unordered List ItemTo build the model (Fig. 2.14), you have to combine 3 and 4 columns vector F. In provided examples (drawSpacecraft, drawVihecle) you have either 4 or 3. I tried to add another vector F2 to get the required shape of aircraft, and change the subsequent func inputs\outputs, but it didn't work eventually… Maybe it would be a good idea to make at least small example of how to combine 3,4 and more vertices figures in one model?

Chapter 3

  • I missed an m mass variable in eq. 3.15, with torque m in (3.17). They look very similar, and when you write so many matrix at once it's hard to be concentrated for a long time. Maybe somehow point it out, that this is different m's.
  • Maybe it would be also a good idea to make an example of S-Func. Level_1 work, that is more similar to assignment in Simulink. For instance APPENDIX D example has only 3 flags, whereas mav_dynamics.m has 5 flags (that go from 4 to 9 instantly)

Chapter 4

  • It's not that clear from where you have to derive w_n,w_e,w_d, maybe it's a good idea to mention the equation from where you have to get it?
  • Chapter's Summary, I think a set of equations (4.19) should go before forces (4.18), because some of variables that are used in (4.18), being calculated first in (4.19).
  • Propeller Torque component of l eq.(4.20) is always 0 due to constants from APPENDIX E, but on page 54 it said that it should be relatively minor, to bank a plane slightly during untrimmed flight.
  • GoTo Function is not mention at all in Simulink model. Maybe it's a good idea at least just to say to reference to help's goto and from Simulink blocks.
  • What is the symbol in APPENDIX E, for Aerosande UAV, third from the bottom of Long.Coef. - ϵ? And for what it's used?
  • For me it's still unclear how to make the Dryden gust model with different coefficients (L_u,L_c, etc.) for different altitude? I have to write some kind of IF func? Or it's meant to work like you have to choose the altitude for your particular simulation?

This is a great book and I am learning a lot so far.

  • In Chapter 6 design project section, the simulink files for each loop is not provided on the website (roll_loop.mdl, course_loop.mdl and etc). Are they simply simulink model with transfer function blocks for each loop?
  • In the design project section 6.1, it says “the saturation limit is achieved for a step size of phi_max=15 degrees”. Is it supposed to be e_phi_max=15 degrees instead?

Thank you Mr.Beard and Mr.McLain.

Chapter 6

  • In chapter 6 sub chapter 6.5 Digital Implementation of PID Loops I think you made mistakes. You misplaced a lot of lines, e.g, “The multipilcation by Ts in line 24…” while it's supposed to be in line 28 in the matlab file.
  • Your book is great though, I really love reading it. You make it simple and straight forward. Thank you sir!